What does your institution need to surf the waves in the social marketing ocean? How will you get the most “bang for your buck”? How do you track the ROI? Questions that justify our investigation into social marketing and social influence. High level concepts and real world examples – both good and bad will be paraded out in all their pride and shameless glory.

This webinar will cover:
▪ The differences between the types of social media outlets.
▪ Where to start and how to apply this information to help your institution benefit from your efforts.
▪ The good and bad of campaigns from big and small business.
▪ A framework to overcome the fear of diving into this new marketing world.
▪ The Do’s and Don’ts to maximize ROI.
▪ How to socially engage with the goal of increasing the quality of the relationships with your students.
▪ Tips for managing your campaigns – How to do more with less!

Presented by:
▪ Jared Beard – President, AboutInfluence.com
▪ Merle Isgett – Regional VP, Portfolio Management, ERS

Join our host Judith Flink, Retired Executive Director University Student Financial Services at University of Illinois System, to explore the benefits of using social media at your institution.