Our Clients

We assist our clients in managing their revenue recovery requirements essential in providing government services. We have built a diverse portfolio of clients including:

  • Federal Government
  • State Department of Revenue
  • County and District Courts
  • Municipalities
  • Tolling Authorities

Our government services

With customized strategies and best-in-class technology systems, we offer services that are specifically aligned with our client’s goals.


  • Compliance Focused
  • Sophisticated Skip-tracing Process
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  • Compliance Focused
  • Easy Online Payments Options
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  • Customized Approach Based on Demographics
  • Focus on Tollway Regulation and Policies Education
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  • Sophisticated Skip-tracing Process
  • Easy Online Payment Options
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At Alltran we are experts in regulatory requirements across the government revenue recovery industry. Our well-trained, highly professional staff are resolution specialists, who are dedicated to quality assurance and exceptional customer service. We place the utmost importance on our staff to ensure compliance with guidelines established by Federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and rules, all while protecting the client’s public image. Our dedication to compliance is reflected in:

  • Designation of Chief Compliance Officer
  • Experienced Staff and a Veteran Management Team
  • Extensive and Ongoing Training
  • Structured Compliance Management System (CMS)
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We meet our clients’ expectations by providing a tailored tech-savvy strategy which drives growth and profitability.

  • Collection Software; CR Software, version 4.18.5
  • Due Diligence Safeguards
  • Call Recording & Voice Analytics
  • Refined Skip Trace Flow
  • Customer Friendly Web Payment Portal
  • Customized Reporting
  • Advanced tracking & auditing

Tools to manage, organize, and transform.

Alltran Financial Client Access web tool. To activate, please contact your Alltran Customer Representative.

Client Tools

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