The need to protect brand while recovering revenue

The increase in financial obligations has led many customers to neglect their responsibilities to their favorite Retail Card. Along with increased transactions and consumer debt brings the need to resolve delinquent customer accounts while adding value to a brand name.

Transforming Recovery through an intelligent workflow strategy

The future of Retail Cards is utilizing technology to strengthen customer relationships while improving the customer experience. At Alltran, our customer facing technology fosters positive customer relationships, increasing customer satisfaction which leads to increased recovery.

Our program and partnership includes:

  • 1st Party ARM services & the technical ability to work on your system
  • 3rd party ARM services & professional representation through experienced resolution specialists
  • Experience with various stage delinquencies on Retail Cards

A partnership which supports your customer loyalty

  • High-tech solutions which deliver client specific recovery strategies, detailed analytics relative to client based Key Performance Indicators and a customer web payment portal.
  • Nurturing a culture of empathy, utilizing an ethical, consultative approach which nurtures the resolution of financial challenges.
  • Partnerships with many of the largest Retail Cards in the Industry, positioning us strategically with the experience to resolve all types of financial obligations.
  • Adherence to all applicable regulations, federal and state laws and local laws pertaining to our industry.

Alltran will partner with Retail Card companies to tailor a resolution strategy that maximizes recovery rates while maintaining industry-leading compliance standards and supporting the customers you serve.

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