Banks and Credit Unions must innovate to stay ahead

As the largest and most traditional group of financial lenders, Banks and Credit Unions have the broadest consumer base. The diverse needs of their customers allow them to provide ever changing services to the market. Along with providing the myriad of tools needed to secure financing, comes the need to resolve accounts which fall into delinquency.

A consultative approach nurtures resolution of financial challenges

The Alltran Financial Services solution provides banks with a full spectrum of services needed to support their extensive consumer base. We deliver rigid compliance, financial stability, minimal complaints, and exceptional customer service. The result is greater recovery.

Our partnership includes:

  • 1st Party ARM services & the technical ability to work on your system
  • 3rd party ARM services & professional representation through experienced resolution specialists
  • Experience with various stage delinquencies on Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Commercial Loans, Commercial Cards, Charge Cards, Auto Financing, and Mortgages

Our industry strength makes us the Premier Partner

  • Demonstrated Success with a majority of the largest Banks in the Industry, positioning us strategically with the experience to resolve all types of financial obligations.
  • Adherence to all applicable regulations, federal and state laws and mandates pertaining to our industry.
  • An account segmentation and scoring strategy focused on quality of contact and increases overall recovery.

Alltran is dedicated to fostering our partnerships with Banking Institutions to maximize the recovery rates of their delinquent portfolios while maintaining industry-leading compliance standards. We passionately believe there is a better way to support people; through a culture of empathy, utilizing an ethical, consultative approach which nurtures the resolution of financial challenges.

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