Everyone needs to have their checkups, and so does your institution’s compliance program. Breaches in education can leave schools with unrecoverable damages as a result of undetected exposure within their compliance and prevention programs. So why are there so many breaches, compromises, and fines handed out? And why is it so difficult for education to be compliant with FERPA, GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, etc.? What is the difference between compliance and security? And finally, is this a business issue or IT issue?

This webinar will cover:
▪ When you must be compliant and what you need to protect
▪ How you manage, organize, and prioritize for this
▪ Who on campus is responsible for what
▪ How you ensure your staff is trained, and on what

Presented by:
▪ Ron King – President, CampusGuard
▪ Merle Isgett – Regional VP, Portfolio Management, ERS

Join our host Judith Flink, Retired Executive Director University Student Financial Services at University of Illinois System, to explore the ways your institution can keep compliance in check.