Office of the Ombudsman

Alltran Education, Inc. – Office of the Ombudsman

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for this purpose.

The Alltran Education, Inc. Office of the Ombudsman exists to provide exceptional customer service, in the event that borrowers are unable to resolve issues through the normal course of the recovery process. The Ombudsman serves as a mediator, who facilitates the resolution of Borrower concerns regarding your interactions with Alltran Education, Inc. as well as with its clients and affiliates.

Role of the Ombudsman

The Alltran Education, Inc. Ombudsman:

  • Fields Borrower complaints pertaining to the validity of a reported debt or the manner in which Alltran Education, Inc.’s recovery services were performed
  • Works with Borrowers and/or their attorneys to resolve disputes
  • Works with government agencies (Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, State and Federal consumer agencies) and Credit Bureau Agencies to assist in the resolution of Consumer debt disputes
  • Facilitates communication with clients to gain further information in support of debt validation or resolution efforts
  • If you believe you are not in default, Alltran Education, Inc. recommends that you contact the holder/servicer of your loan(s).

Borrower Information Resources

If the Alltran Education, Inc. Ombudsman is unable to resolve your dispute, please see below for additional Borrower information resources:

To contact Alltran Education, Inc. with a question or concern, or to file an inquiry or complaint please Contact Us.

Alltran Education, Inc. Ombudsman Contact

To contact the Alltran Education, Inc. Ombudsman, please:
Fax: 630-225-4265

Alltran Education, Inc.
P.O. Box 702220
Tulsa, OK 74170
Call:(800) 211-5312