Collecting Unpaid Parking Violations Can Be Difficult but Represent a Good Potential Revenue Stream

Unrecovered parking fines have been a persistent issue on campuses for years. As schools have seen a decrease in their funding levels, other revenue streams, such as parking fines have gained importance. Recovering parking fines can be challenging due the obstacle of locating violators. A solid strategy is needed to locate violators especially when they become maneuverable.

We Transform the Progress of Revenue Recovery

The Alltran Parking Program provides additional value to institutions by allowing their staff to focus resources on other tasks. With customized strategies and modernized technology systems, we offer resolution services for parking fees, penalties, and fines. Our highly specialized skip trace process guarantees we locate more consumers. Ultimately, we return more dollars to your institution.

Our Parking Program provides:

  • 3rd party ARM services & Experienced Resolution Specialists
  • Letters and Notifications for pre- and post-default violations
  • Secure file transmittal through SFTP site
  • Extensive skip-tracing
  • Easy online payment options for customers

Our Value Goes Beyond Recovering Unpaid Parking Violations

  • Customized programming and daily file processing
  • Secure file transmittal through SFTP
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly remittance and payment files
  • Online access to your consumers’ accounts
  • Complete revenue cycle management including early notification


Our longstanding higher education partnerships inspired a program built for success. By maximizing recovery on parking violations, aligned with our client’s receivable goals, and maintaining industry-leading compliance standard, we offer a solution that is transformational.

Success Story

Profile:  A state university with over 37,000 students, the majority of whom are commuter students.

Challenge:  A rapidly growing customer base creates greater financial demands and the need to generate revenue through the recovery of delinquent accounts. Consumers seek the latest technology platform which requires a partner with a high-tech solution.

Solution:  Alltran provided a customized seamless solution that includes initial violation notification, additional follow-up notifications as the violation ages and a move into default, which is then subject to collections activities. Use of Alltran’s staff and resources to free up the University’s staff focus on improved customer service.



  • Increased Performance – The Alltran recovery outperformed another contracted agency and freed up their internal staff. Alltran successfully named “Partner of the Year”, three years running.
  • Staffing Flexibility – Throughout our partnership, Alltran provides a flexible staff, increasing to meet the client’s need to add agents during seasonal requirements.

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