Self Pay

Today patients are responsible for 35% of their medical expenses

Increasing healthcare costs are resulting in greater Self Pay responsibilities in the form of higher premiums, deductibles, and co-payments. A growing portion of healthcare office payments are now generated through direct payments by patients.

A patient-centric customizable revenue cycle management solution

Alltran Health’s Self Pay solution provides a significant increase in overall collection, reduced account receivable days, and improved financial assistance capture. This results in higher collection rate for clients.

Our program and partnership include:

  • An ability to work on your system or provide services through our system
  • Preservice financial counseling for newly insured patients
  • The ability to identify and rebill new insurance coverage and increase quick pay dollars through balance in full or payment plan options

Our approach is ideal for handling your Self Pay patient accounts

  • A full scope of reports and analytics
  • Complying with HIPAA, PHI, PCI, and all other federal, state, and local regulations
  • Comprehensive and proven solutions that will increase collections by 20 – 40%, while also decreasing associated human resource and administrative costs
  • Transparency to the patient which meets client standards for patient service and quality

Alltran Health works with you to develop processes and protocols that meet your business objectives and ensures the delivery of a customized patient-friendly Extended Business Office solution.

Success Story

Profile: A Midwest 400+ physician

Challenge: The healthcare organization was having difficulties with its Self Pay recovery process and lacked both the experience with its current staff and the technology necessary to implement an effective follow up strategy.

Solution: The healthcare organization decided to partner with Alltran to implement a timely Self Pay follow-up strategy. Alltran used a combination of its experienced staff and technology infrastructure to implement a Self Pay solution.

Results: Alltran implemented a Self Pay program that successfully exceeded client goals:

  • Decreased outstanding A/R by 24% and decreased bad debt placement by 22%
  • Resolved 55-60% of all accounts within right party contacts
  • Increased average outbound calls from 4,000 to 40,000 per month
  • Decreased follow-up work queue by 96%

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