Additional support is needed to manage patient scheduling

Healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged with the arduous front end processes required for a dynamic, predictable, and patient-friendly scheduling structure. They are also looking to enhance the patient experience, and stay in front of compliance and regulatory oversight.

Helping manage the influx of patients

Alltran offers a wide range of cost-effective patient scheduling solutions that increase resource efficiencies, enable organizations to meet service level goals, enhance the patient experience and decrease administrative burdens.

Our Program and Partnership includes:

  • A service delivery approach that values quality of services and respect for patients
  • 24/7 flexible staffing solutions and Highly trained, patient friendly, and compliant representatives that provide the best possible first impression
  • The ability to provide additional services that enhance the value of interaction such as Insurance verification, patient co-pay education, and Authorization/Denial management services
  • Defined process reporting and quality assurance to ensure high-quality outcomes such as appropriate patient interactions, correct patient procedure planning, best practice patient times and low abandonment rates

Transforming scheduling through customizable solutions

AnĀ Alltran solution includes:

  • Well defined and published standards of conduct and policies and procedures
  • Development of initial and ongoing training and education for all employees
  • Investigation and correction of identified systemic problems and identification of sanctioned individuals
  • Complying with HIPAA, PHI, PCI and all other federal, state and local regulations
  • Full transparency for the patient
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Ability to consistently meet client standards for customer service and quality
  • Diverse reporting and analytic packages that focus on ongoing quality improvement

Alltran works with you to develop processes and protocols that meet your business objectives and ensures the delivery of a customized patient-friendly Scheduling Service solution.

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