Bad Debt Collections

Patients are required to take on greater financial responsibilities

Due to diverse financial responsibilities, more healthcare payments are now generated directly from patients. This presents a significant challenge on top of increased complexity to collect.

A proven collections process customized to each client’s needs

The Alltran Health’s Bad Debt Collections is an accounts receivable management solution that meets our Client’s financial obligations in a timely manner. Our service meets all the demographic needs dedicated to your patient financial service policies.

Our partnership and program includes

  • Initial account scoring and processing, target calling, and dynamic scoring
  • Reduced accounts receivable days
  • Trained collection agents
  • Account Optimization – Prioritizing patients who are most reachable and able to resolve their obligations
  • Collection Agent support and oversight
  • Well defined policies and processes
  • Effective and state-of-the-art technology and reporting infrastructure

Transforming Bad Debt Collections through a superior solution.

  • Complying with HIPAA, PHI, PCI, and all other federal, state, and local regulations
  • Highest demonstrated revenue return for our clients
  • Ability to manage wide range of payment plan options
  • Modernized technology and communications – streamlined and customized reports and analytical services
  • Expertise in meeting regulatory requirements that ensure our clients remain compliant with Federal and State law

Alltran Health works with you to develop processes and protocols that meet your business objectives and offers a customized patient-friendly healthcare collections solution.

Success Story

Profile: 711-bed hospital with approximately $1 billion net patient revenue

Challenge: The client’s contract with its two existing collection agencies had expired. Based on the past results with these two agencies, the healthcare organization was not satisfied with the results.

Solution: The client decided to partner with Alltran Health along with two other agencies. To establish the collection process and maximize the results, the client established a competitive model with the three agencies allowing the client to award more accounts to the better performing agency.


  • Alltran Health outperformed the competition and is now responsible for 71% of the client’s bad debt accounts.
  • Achieved a 9.46% gross liquidation rate over the past 25 months.
  • Patient complaints have decreased and the client has built an effective partnership with Alltran.

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