Toll violations are on the rise, and so is the need to recover these tolls

With tolling usage on pace to double in less than ten years, recovering unpaid tolls requires a nationwide support structure. New tolling technologies offer many benefits but have increased toll violation across the country.

  • Eliminating manned collection booths for cashless systems
  • Motorist confusion resulting in unintentional violation
  • Out-of-State violations
  • Failure of drivers to update their toll transponder account

Recovering tolls and educating motorist go hand in hand

Alltran offers tolling authorities a comprehensive nationwide recovery solution. As an extension of our clients, we treat your customers the way we want to be treated, with respect and empathy. Our collection service agents are sensitive to your customers’ frustrations. Our partnership includes:

  • Focus on educating customers on tollway regulations and policies
  • Customize collection approach based on the demographics violator debt portfolio
  • Sophisticated Skip Tracing resources for out-of-date DMV data.
  • Easy online payment options for customers

Working with a partner that understands compliance is more important than just collecting money

Alltran is dedicated to nurturing our partnerships to maximize the recovery rates of delinquent toll portfolio while maintaining compliance standards. We work diligently to achieve maximum bottom-line results, placing the utmost importance on adherence to all applicable regulations, Federal, state, and local laws, all while protecting our client’s public image. We passionately believe there is a better way to help people resolve their financial challenges. We do this by fostering a culture of problem solves with empathy, coupled with modernized technology and all supported by industry-leading compliance.

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