The challenge of recovering parking fees from unhappy, angry customers

Irate customers are a common reality for parking customer service agents around the country. Conversely, unrecovered parking fines have been a persistent issue for local and state municipalities for years, and recovery of these fines is of utmost importance given decreasing municipal budgets.

Transformation-Through compassion, collaboration, and creative problem-solving

Alltran is an integral part the parking fee recovery process, providing a client specific program built for success. We believe that, through compassion, collaboration, and creative problem solving, we can improve the collection of delinquent parking fines. With customized strategies and modernized technology systems, we offer resolution services for parking fees, penalties, and fines.

Our Parking Program provides:

  • Respectful account representative approach that approaches the problem from the customer’s point view
  • Customized collections approach based on Parking debt portfolio demographics
  • Sophisticated Skip Tracing resources for out-of-state DMV data
  • Easy online payment options for customers

Working with a partner that understands compliance and maximizing revenues recovery go hand in hand

Alltran’s parking recovery solutions provide our clients with a program built for success. By maximizing recovery on parking violation, we align with our client’s receivable goals while maintaining a respectful approach to their customers. We work diligently to achieve maximum bottom-line results, placing the utmost importance on compliance with Federal, state, and local laws, all while protecting our client’s public image.

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