Courts Need to Provide Essential Services Despite Tightening Budgets

The enforcement and collection of court fines and fees ensure the integrity of the court but also is essential to fund the services required to maintain law and order. So as budgets tighten so does the need to recovery court fines and costs.

A Successful Court Collections Program requires a Commitment to Compliance and Respect for People

At Alltran we believe in adherence to the letter and spirit of the law with 100% commitment to treat every citizen with respect, professionalism, and empathy. Understanding compliance and maximizing revenues recovery go hand and hand! Our recovery approach includes:

  • Compliance is the supporting foundation of our corporate culture
  • Chief Compliance Officer and designated Compliance/Quality Assurance Department
  • Initial and ongoing compliance training for all employees
  • Expert skip tracing utilizing multiple sophisticated locating resources
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Customer-facing web payment portal
  • Client web access available 24 hours a day displaying real-time account information

Working with a partner that understands compliance is more important than just collecting money

Alltran is dedicated to nurturing our partnerships to maximize the recovery rates of delinquent court fines and fees while maintaining full compliance. We work diligently to achieve maximum bottom-line results, placing the utmost importance on adherence to all applicable regulations, Federal, state, and local laws, all while protecting our client’s public image. We do this through a culture of problem solvers coupled with modernized technology and all supported by industry leading compliance.

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