FQHC HRSA Audit Best Practices


Thursday, April 28, 2016


3pm - 4pm Central

Description: HRSAS audits are extremely comprehensive. Your response can demonstrate how consistently your Community Healthcare Center’s policies and procedures align with actual operations, which is an indication of overall compliance.

This webinar will take a close look at how Mary’s Center for Maternal & Child Care, Inc. of Washington, DC has prepared for the imminent HRSA audit by reviewing best practices for Needs Assessments, Ongoing Quality Improvement, and Staffing Requirements and Responsibilities.

Both presenters are from Mary’s Center for Maternal & Child Care, Inc.

▪ David Tatro – COO

▪ Tollie B. Elliot, M.D. – CMO

Join our host, Ron Powell, VP of New Business Development at Financial Health Strategies, to discover HRSA Audit best practices at your facility